We are the greatest.WE are the greatest generation.

They think we’re a thorn in their sides.

But we’re mighty oaks taking root.

We. We are the greatest. 

Grow, friend. Grow, sister. Grow, brother.

We. We grow. 

We grow stronger than the world pressing in on us. 

We grow greater.

Every inch we earn causes Earth to yeild to our power.

Never doubt us, friend. Never doubt us, sister. Never doubt us, brother.

We. Us. We.

We are the greatest.


Let’s get dangerous

At least once a week I have to talk myself down from getting so pissed off at previous experiences with Christian leaders telling me thinking/learning about certain ideas “is dangerous.”

This is a cyclical track built by centuries of manipulative gas lighting done by inept leaders who wanted to keep their flock where they could see them; where they could continue being served, fed, and praised by them.

If anyone ever says something you’re reading, learning from, thinking about, is “dangerous,” lose that friend as fast as you can. They want to own you. 

I challenge you to let them know how much of an asshole they’re being, too, even and especially if they aren’t aware they’re being controlling behind a mask of purity and good intention.