A Lovely Lie

I don’t know if you noticed, but I am a Christian. I read my Bible, pray, take naps on Sunday afternoon instead of sleeping in, etc. I expect that some of you would file yourself in the same category- and that an equal amount of you would not. But because I am a Christian, this is what I know to be the truth:

We are broken.

Some might call this “flawed” some might say “untrustworthy.” But really it all comes down to the same thing, this idea that we are incomplete. It’s probably what drives us to do everything we do. Some of us eat out of loneliness, some feel the need to prove how great we can be, and a lot of us seek completion in another person. Which brings me to a lie I’ve seen a lot of us believe when it comes to relationships. The lie:

Whoever I end up finding & marrying will complete me. Continue reading


Holy / Crap

The first time I got up to speak about Jesus in front of a group of impressionable minds is one of the worst memories I have.

At 20 years old, I was hired as a youth pastor at a traditional church. No one introduced me, no one told the kids I was showing up that day. I was the only adultĀ  person over 12 years of age in the youth group trailer.

I promise I was wearing deodorant.

I had my traditional church khakis and button-up shirt on. I may have even had a tie on, which complemented the slowly spreading nervous sweat stains plaguing my underarms. But that’s not the reason my first lesson as a youth pastor is a terrible memory that shapes how I teach still today. Continue reading