Sausage Party 2018

editor’s note: Chad wrote the following intro, concluded it sounded like a cult recruiting speech, but decided that was on brand anyway. Enjoy.


As the dark months crack and fall away, we remain. We don’t just barely make it out of winter, no. We are the celebrators. We don’t emerge from the cold and seasonal death gasping for anything to sustain us, no. We are the fighters. Nor do we scrounge, thankful for any scrap we can steal away in order to squeak out a survival, no no. We are the ones who thrive. And do we let the icy grasp of seasonal depression linger and keep what it might? No. No, we will burst forth angrily and steal health back. We will erupt into summer with all the life and camaraderie possible.

We, the ones who proudly sausage, are alive. We, the ones who loudly party, win the day.

Win the day with us, friend. 

Sunday, May 27. 6 PM until forever. North Cartersville.

Expected highlights from upcoming and previous parties: meat and vegan sausage, gender non specific Sausage Party Court voting and crowning with campaigning encouraged, yard games but cool, board games, drinking games, friend trivia, porch sitting, contained ants, fire, puppers, climbing trees, ping pong, ax throwing, all sorts of humans, tree swings, cooking treats on the fire, boiled peanuts, popsicles, and more all in environments planned out for both extraverts and introverts.

Floyds will have tons of good beers, cheap spirits, sausages, and buns. Bring any other party food you’d like to share, but it’s not expected or required.

Haven’t sent Jenny an RSVP yet? That’s cool- just fill out the form below if you know you’re coming :)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m an alcoholic. Will there be a place for me to sleep off my condition?
A: Yes. We have a double guest bed, a fold out Queen, a hammock, and lots of floor. A fully stocked guest bathroom. Sleeping over is not necessary, but always welcome. As always, waffles will be served to you in the morning.

Q: Can I throw this glass bottle into the fire pit?
A: No, Derek. I have to clean that out later. There’s a trash can right there.

Q: Oh good! I wanted to order something from you that day Chad!
A: That’s cool but Chad will be drunk enough that this would be a bad idea and you should email him instead.

Q: This is just for guys, right? This is a sexist party?
A: Sausage party is a non binary party for every type of human. The title nods to the main course, not to what is in our trousers. C’mon, dude. You knew that.

Q: Should I bring my kids?
A: Fire, throwing axes, drunk adults, huge woodshop full of sharps, dogs.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Yes, but only if you’re absolutely sure it will be cool with a ton of people and two other dogs. And even then, prepare to keep your good good doge on a leash just in case. See also: above question/answer.