donation-only-promptMy wife Jenny and I are missionaries wherever we are. Right now that means Cartersville, Georgia. I’m investing relationally into middle school and high school students like crazy. Some have introduced me to their friends as their youth pastor despite never stepping foot into a church building.

And when we travel, we’re still the same kind of missionary. We frequently go to Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras and it frequently incredible. You can pretty much expect that we are either about to go again and/or just got back. Thank you to all the team members who get us there. Click here for the 2013 video, the 2012 videohere’s a post about how I give the kiddos what they need, and this one is by Jenny. We’d love to get together with you sometime to tell you all about it. Seriously. Even if you’re only a little curious. Let’s make that happen.

In fact, the trips to the Orphanage touched our hearts in such a huge way that we are making some drastic changes to our lives in order to return more often. 

Chadwick floyd relationships missionJenny is using most of her vacation AND sick time from work. I am launching my own woodworking business so I can be more flexible with my time and spend longer periods in Honduras. Yes, longer than Jenny. Our marriage is great though, thanks for the concern :)

But anyway, we are using our vacation time to help others who live in extreme poverty and to love on kids who have been abandoned or taken away from terrible situations. Will you join our team? I really think you’d be a great addition. EIGHT NEW ways to join:

  1. DONATE, DONATE, DONATE. It’s no secret that these trips cost money. And believe me, we’re sacrificing a lot to get there. Last year we went on the orphan diet for two months and ended up paying more than half of the ticket prices. And we were happy to do so. But we can’t continue doing it that way forever. We need supporters. If you believe in what we’re doing, please donate what you can. Every single donation helps, no matter what the size. The largest I’ve ever gotten was $1000, the smallest was $5. I know each of those people were sacrificing the same percentage. And both sacrifices are so important.
  2. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Really believe in what we’re doing? Like my style of relational care? Brotha, preach it! Tell others about what we’re doing. Help us raise money and awareness. Share this page on social media *with a personal description of why you support us*.  People are way more likely to respond and act when you tell them why you like this ministry. Last year one person shared our mission and ended up recruiting $756 more in support. That was HUGE.
  3. PARTICIPATE. Put on a garage sale, sell some cookies, donate a day of your business with all proceeds going to the mission trip and orphanage. I’d be more than happy to show up and help communicate the cause. This is huge. When you let people know you’re working for something other than yourself, you’ll be so surprised at the increase of generosity and interest. Just think about if a neighborhood kid came up to your front door and said “I’d like to cut your grass to help raise money to let orphaned kids in Honduras know they’re loved.” Dang. And hey, if you’re a neighborhood kid, there’s a free idea.
  4. FEED. We always end up paying for a portion of the trips. And the money has to come from somewhere. It’s usually our food budget. If you feed us, that helps us pay for the trip. If you feed us AND stay for the meal, we win a sweet conversation too!
  5. INVITE. Got an audience or congregation? Give me an opportunity to speak in front of them. Even better, give me an opportunity to take donations and recruits afterward.  I promise I never bore an audience. And I have tons of awesome stories to share from the road, let me share those stories and invite your people into cool things happing in the Kingdom.
  6. PROMOTE. Starting a new woodworking business would be disastrous without raving fans sharing what I make. Word of mouth is going to be key to my success here.
  7. COME. Homie, you want to come with us? Just say so. We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know and a few bonus things that no one needs to know.
  8. DONATE AGAIN. We need to start organizing a system of regular supporters right now we have none. If you think you’re ready to set up a monthly donation to help send us abroad, let’s get you a meeting with our finance chair, Jenny. Just about anyone can spare an automatic ten bucks a month. What’s your amount?

I really believe that your participation on any of these levels is just as much of a participation in the mission and an obedient following of God’s call to take care of orphans, widows, and those in need. The expenses of 2014’s trips will be significant. If you can donate, do so the moment you can. Deadlines are always approaching. If you would like to be a part of the team by assisting with these expenses click here to make a donation or make a check out to Chad Floyd Woodworks and send it to the below address. (You can also send happy little encouraging notes to the same address).


This child was delicious.

Thanks for being such a pal. I love you like crazy.

And I LOVE being a missionary with you.


Or by mail:

75 Saddle Field Cir
Cartersville GA 30121