Example Small Group Discussion

This is an example small group discussion. For the original article, “Are your small group questions falling flat? Five Tips” click here.

I gave a message out of Proverbs 28:1 which says, “The Righteous are as bold as a lion.” I talked about what bravery and boldness actually looks like in the context of loving people who need it. I shared a story about a hate group with the “God hates ______ ( <— pretty much everyone)” signs coming to my university. They spewed hate on everyone who passed by.

Meanwhile, some other folks just hugged anyone they could find, engaged in conversations, and stayed to comfort anyone who was hurt by the hate yellers. I didn’t explicitly spell out how the hate group was being cowardly and the comforters were being bold, I left that to be explored in group. Here is the discussion guide I gave to small group leaders that night:

  • Warm up: What would you say is the most heroic animal?
  • Did you hear anything you never thought about before? What was interesting?
  • While doing an impression of a bold lion, show us how you would tell someone who wasn’t here what the point of Chad’s talk was.
  • What does it mean to be bold?
  • Chad talked about a hate group showing up at his school. How would you say they ended up being cowards rather than bold?
  • Share a story of a time you felt like someone was totally not listening to you.
  • How do you know when someone is really listening to you? How does it make you feel when you know you’re being heard?
  • Do you know someone who really tries their best to understand what you’re going through? How is that person so good at listening?

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