We are going to the Honduran orphanage for 15 days this winter. I don’t post exactly when because robbers, but all funds must be raised no later than February 1. The cost for Jenny and me to go is $2,386 give or take a few airline fees. We’ll be building a new dormitory for the older girls, maybe some cement digging and pouring, and, of course, spending lots of loving time with the niños. You can see what that looks like here. As of 1/31/2014 at 1PM Eastern we have raised exactly $1,854 of the needed $2,386. To watch our progress, come back every day to check the charmometer, who will be fully orange with tail on fire once we reach our goal:


The link below offers set up of monthly donations. Any amount of recurring donations is HUGE toward planning out regular missions. Whatever amount you can give is awesome sauce, but here are some specifics if you need mathematic inspiration:

  • to sponsor us at all is ONE of your dollars. Every. Dang. Dollar. Helps.
  • to sponsor one full day for one of us is about $80
  • to sponsor one full day for each of us is about $160
  • every $4 we raise on top of the $2,386 for airline and stay will be used to take a kid out to the store for lunch. This is a huge deal to them.
  • every bonus dollar we raise beyond what we can spend on lunches and supplies for the kids will go toward the Fall 2014 trip.

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