About Chad

Chad is a community consultant, communicator, and copy writer.

When he’s not actively filling those roles, Chad is mostly a wood worker / designer. Millennials, right? They really do get into whatever they want. But woodwork isn’t what this site is about.

Chad graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Organizational Communication. He has been a leader in student and college ministries since 2002. Combine his history, passions, and education and you get incredibly valuable team insights for your organization.

As a community consultant, his specialties are cleaning up an organization’s message, goal setting, training and development, research and observation, and communication clarification. This means he can perform many important temporary roles for your organization from branding to mission trip leading to summarizing your culture through focus groups. For more information on bringing Chad in as a consultant, send a message through the Contact Page.

Here he is pictured wearing glasses just so you know how smart he can appear to be.

This picture is also an artful depiction of Chad’s relationship with the sun. On the right side of his face, we see just how pale skin can actually get. On the left side, and we don’t know how it happened, but the lamp light shows what happens to Chad after 14 minutes of sunlight. That’s right- he turns orange/catches on fire.

Chad is a solid third-round pick for your ultimate frisbee team- a great runner and decent secondary handler.

Chad lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Jenny, who he married in June 2009. He cried a lot during the ceremony. People felt weird about it. Really weird.