I was wrong about Antifa

Earlier this year, I took issue with Atlanta Antifacists’ singularly-focused drive + criticism of anyone not directly fighting Nazis. I was wrong. 

I was going around Auburn on bike & bullhorn prompting students to not even look at the Nazi dickheads. I wanted to make them as much of a joke as possible. And I think I did a good job at that. 

But we should have looked. We should have all fought. I should have rallied students “come, look at these dickheads, look how sad & lonely”

American Nazis see us all as an easy prey because all their called shots are sucker punches. (Sucker bombs, bullets, dodge challengers, etc)

Get eyes on them. Raise your fists. Let them know if they even think about moving, think about whispering hate, they’ll be done thinking.

We are all antifacist. If you’re not, you’re a Nazi.

That’s just how those words work. 

You're thinking it. Spit it out.

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