Actual Dialogue re: NAZIS


“This kind of antifa-style response only makes things worse and is exactly what the alt-right wants.”
A) Nazis. They’re Nazis. 
B) Nope. That’s a gaslighting response from people who can’t stand conflict at all and would rather us stay silent than address and destroy white power movements. It’s negative peace. It’s false peace. 

It’s peace with extreme tension, and white communities have the privilege of not bearing any of the tension. White communities have the privilege of years of racist law making, zoning, community design, white flight, gerrymandering, and other racist systems that put white communities outside of anything that feels this tension and oppression at all. 

Guess where that leaves the oppressed? More fucking oppressed. 

And what does it do with white supremacist groups? It clears a path for them to stroll right down the fucking street and do whatever they want. After all, they only have oppressed people to deal with. And they’re carrying the benefit of their own privilege PLUS your white privilege extreme will to ignore conflict. 

At that point, all blood spilled by Nazis is on your hands. This is non-negotiable. 

No, I will not participate in your false peace. I will not participate in your permission-granting of oppression. No. 
C) Yes, your comment is also a nazi sympathizing comment. Ignorance does not make you a hero- you’re still a Nazi sympathizer whether you want to be or not. Sympathy for Nazis = Nazi sympathizer. Wear the label or change.

You're thinking it. Spit it out.

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