#Fetonte, DSA, and my Membership

Shortly after all us delegates adjourned from the Democratic Socialists Of America 2017 Convention, it came to light that we had unknowingly elected someone with a recent past in organizing police and prison guards. “Police and prison guards” of course being some of the foulest words one could say at this gathering. 

It was soon realized that Danny Fetonte, the person in question, had concealed (whether knowingly or not) his past with this organization. Where in his campaign materials and personal conversations at the convention he was very specific about other trades he had organized for, like “furniture workers,” he was extremely vague about his experience with police and prison guards, calling them “state workers.”

State workers would be something we at DSA are all on board to support. Police, no. Fuck the police. Fuck anyone who organizes them and gives them tools to create injustice. Police unions are one of the most hated things here. 

So clearly he needs to resign immediately. This hasn’t happened. 

I’m fully aware that the NPC is working on … something… here, but damage has been done and continues to further damage. And I’ve already addressed those who tell me to just trust the process

What are we to say to our comrades in Black Lives Matter? To those abused by cops at any level? To our trans comrades who have suffered violence and death and injustice at the hands of police unions? To the whole convention of delegates that just voted to support the abolition of prisons? 

We can not wait any second longer. We could not wait one second beyond the revelation of his deception. He must be removed from NPC. 

If he isn’t removed voluntarily or not by Monday, August 14th, I will be removing my membership with DSA. 

I’ve put a lot into this decision. I cannot and will not work with organizations that don’t value people of color enough to take immediate action. He clearly deceived, whether it was intentional or not is moot. Whether the union is good or not is moot. Whether he was a cop killer or a cop rep, he deceived and wouldn’t have won due to his misinformation. 

It would break my heart to part ways. But so would being in an organization that doesn’t take immediate action against liars in a world that’s fucked up because of lying cops and presidents. 

I’m still your comrade. But I will always put whatever I have on the line for justice. And all I have at the moment is my own leadership and membership. 


Edit: in the meantime, please join me in reading and signing this petition for Fetonte to resign: PETITION

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