Fetonte and “Trust the Process”

Quick reminder that voicing dissent and demanding action is the most key part of “the process” we’d all like to trust.

“Trust the process” is a gaslighting response from people who can’t stand to exist in any conflict. It ignores that this is the process and attempts to steer those who expect/demand change toward self doubt and inaction.

“Trusting the process” is not mutually exclusive from making noise and standing up for yourself and others. Those who say this as a reaction to any righteous action have likely always had things go their way without any work. That’s privilege. Privileged folks must listen to those who easily recognize injustice out of experience. These people are standing up for themselves and others. 

We value our rights, our voices, and our votes.

In the case of Fetonte, I demand action YESTERDAY. AAAAND this is part of the process.
Most importantly, standing up/making all the noise I possibly can for those who suffer abuse by police and prisons is EXTREMELY, ALL THE WAY, SUPER IMPORTANT.

Saying “trust the process” as a response that intends everyone to quiet down and wait is unacceptable. 

No. Justice now. Justice always.


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  2. I agree with your thesis, but I don’t think people asking for patience are gaslighting. It’s definitely a product of privilege, as you state, not a malicious action meant to make you doubt your own sanity.

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