Dear Barry Loudermilk,

I get that you feel afraid for your life after yesterday’s events. That’s scary and I’m sorry you experienced that. 

I’m also glad you’re ok. 
I do want you to realize that yesterday you felt like I have felt every single day since you voted to condemn me to being impossible to insure for healthcare. 

I like living. It’s, like, my number one favorite thing to do. I see that you feel that way about living as well :) that’s great! I’m so glad we can agree on something. 

And not just me, I’m afraid for everyone in your district for whom you clearly have no regard whether they live or die. 

I’m not mincing words, Barry. I know you voted that way and I know that’s what it means. You are aiming guns at me and my fellow district 11 humans. 
I encourage and insist that you change your positions on ripping off the poor and middle classes, allowing their air and water to be poisoned, and taking away their ability to get healthcare. 

If you refuse, I request you resign, get out of the way, and make room for someone who actually cares about all the people living in our district. 


PS: feel free to use my name when talking about me in the press. I know you know it. It’s only fair that they can come ask me about how you want me dead, too. 

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