Cheering for the pilot to fail

The pilot is drunk. The pilot is emotionally disturbed. The pilot is clearly suspicious. The pilot announces an intent to crash the plane. The pilot is a hijacker. The pilot tells everyone proudly that there is no need to pressurize the cabin, “don’t worry, we’ve ignored all mechanics that told us there are bolts loose.” The pilot is trying to fly multiple planes at once and there are much better pilots around. The pilot wants to take seat belts away from some passengers. The pilot is proud to say the first class passengers get ALL the meals during an 18 hour flight in which everyone *except* first class passengers actually paid for meals, “don’t worry, coach passengers will get what the first class passengers feel like passing down to you.” The pilot has decided it’s ok to store open containers of jet fuel in the cabin, that it will have no effect on passengers, obviously. The pilot isn’t actually a pilot but an old man who thinks he can do everything better than everyone else, no training required- it’s easy! The pilot can’t read, you know he can’t read, and you know he “learned” how to fly by watching Con Air- because he bragged about it while boarding. The pilot has a long history of crashing and suing the passengers over the loss. The pilot doesn’t “believe” in the need for landing gear- “it’s called flying, not landing, right?!” The pilot is actually just an airport Chillis-to-go manager who spent the last 8 years telling customers how much better he would do flying a plane than anyone else- most people with half a brain ignored him because obviously not, but enough people did believe, wished the current excellent pilot to fail, and then told everyone else they shouldn’t wish the pilot to fail. 
Trump supporters, you accept simple explainations and outright lies without thought. If you need help with creativity, there are plenty of folks who would be glad to assist. Be honest with yourself and open up for conversation rather than tripling down on fear. 

You're thinking it. Spit it out.

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