Bernie. Always.

FullSizeRenderI really don’t like the phrase “feel the Bern.” It feels pander-y and inappropriate. Thus ends my criticism of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Today in Georgia and in many other states we vote/caucus/primary. If you follow me on twitter you know, probably more than you know anything else in this world, that I endorse Bernie Sanders. But maybe the reason why isn’t entirely clear all the time. Let me hit some main points:

  • Campaign Finance Reform- It is incredible that we actually have one amazing choice for president in Bernie Sanders. It’s also incredibly sad that we have just the one. If you, like many, are exhausted of having to choose between shit sandwiches or shit hoagies, DO NOT accept the criticism that this one candidate tastes too good and wants to make it possible for all Americans to have nutrition. Campaign Finance Reform is ridiculously needed. The overwhelming complaints from folks who don’t like politics or voting are blindingly obvious that we need to reform this. Bernie wants to reform, and he’s proving it by playing fair even though he doesn’t have to. That’s a meal I can get excited for every time.
  • Taxes- “Don’t you know that Bernie getting into office will raise your taxes??”  A) Yeah, probably. A little bit. If that means the kids in my town get a better education, I’m for it. If that means we get to actually repair roads, water systems, sidewalks, public transportation and so on, then I’m for it. If that means my county actually buys enough goddamn school busses that the kids here actually get to get to school on time, unlike me who got to ride a ridiculously overworked bus and arrived hours late numerous times in Bartow County, then I’m all for it. I could go on but won’t. I don’t want free stuff (and seriously fuck you if you ever say that to me- you’re assuming the lowest possible intelligence on my end for you to be able to say that), I know how money works. We gotta pay for things. Which brings me to B) Bernie is the only candidate who has always and will always work to make the rich pay their share- which, apparently might mean paying a share AT ALL. C) But also, we already pay too damn much. Yep, I agree with you! We pay too damn much. 59 percent of our income taxes go to:
  • Military- FIFTY NINE PERCENT. There is no way you can justify that. We have way too much military, we have amassed way too many weapons, bases, tanks we seriously build just so people have jobs building tanks, it’s just insane. We spend more on military than the next 8 countries combined. And are we safer? If anything, it’s attracting terrorism. We can afford to take some money away from this ridiculously bloated budget and put some into good at home. I’m not falling for backdoor war rhetoric that’s really just thirsty for power, oil, and money. Bernie doesn’t either.
  • Climate Change- Yeah. He wants to help fix it. And I actually believe him. I’m not even going write up an argument for this for those who “don’t believe in climate change” because I’ve already dropped one F bomb.
  • The man is Smart. Passionate. Real. We’ve not seen anything accusing him of being a liar or a cheat. Why? Well, because he’s the real deal.
  • Foreign Policy- When Bernie Sanders was mayor of Burlington, he had a foreign policy. Mayor. And it was good! It was respectful of other people. It valued other countries. He visited and had human conversations with world leaders. As Mayor. And he’s done more and more since. Here’s a bit about it, but I would recommend reading one of his books for a better view on what happened and his opinions on why he does what he does. I’m in the middle of reading this one and really love it. 
  • Respect- Maybe it’s best just to watch an example. Here is what Bernie Sanders had to say about “homos in the military” back in 1995 when it was ok-ish to say that. Seriously. Click and watch that link. Bernie is always for treating other humans like humans. 
  • Right on Civil Rights the first time, every time. Go ahead and watch this analysis. It’s a comparison between Clinton and Sanders, but that’s because Republicans don’t have shit to say about civil rights.
  • Decency- When you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt. I hurt.” – Bernie Sanders

There’s more. Where he stands and is vocal in equal pay, minimum wage, judgement on war, investing in America- ALL of america, not just the rich, income inequality, education, higher education, prison reform, the war on drugs, police brutality…

To close, I highly recommend watching a few videos of people talking about Bernie:

Killer Mike in Atlanta on Bernie Sanders

State Senator Nina Turner in Atlanta on Bernie Sanders

Seth Macfarlane introduces Bernie Sanders

Sarah Silverman introduces Bernie Sanders

Most of all, hear it from the man himself:

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