Few Things in This Universe

Apparently I must do this from time to time so people know I’m not an anger machine. 

I have happy times, too. And I play with my dog. And I love my job. And I eat delicious foods. And I laugh until I almost pee and then lie about having peed a little. And I eat meat off a fire next to friends. And I have a faith. And I joyfully cry, embarrassingly so, at commercials. And I climb the crap out of a tree and feel the most alive in that moment. 

I’m not an angry person. I do not have an anger problem. 

There are just a few things in this universe that have tried fucking with me and others so much that I am now coming for them. 

But I’ll totally laugh at a poop joke on the way. Don’t imagine that I’ve changed from who I’ve always been.

You're thinking it. Spit it out.

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