I’m so thankful to be a part of this

team workWe have the most amazing team of supporters in the world. The people who send us to Honduras know the value of a hand held, a shared laugh, and how the absence of such things is a very empty feeling. They know how special it is for an eight year old living in an orphanage to have someone come to his group house with a coloring book in hand just to see him. Our supporters get how important it is to give relief to orphanage missionaries who live and work on site all day every day.

They send us to Honduras knowing that the lunch we take little Brayan to might be the only time in months he gets to sit with, talk to, and hug his sister who lives in a different house. They understand the opportunity we have, as people who return often, to show the girls who live in this very macho country what it’s like to be respected and to show the boys how to respect the girls.

Some support our missions because they have witnessed first-hand that Jenny and I do not have an internal missions switch. That is to say, we’re not Jesus sales people. We love people all the time and don’t let exhaustion get in the way of ten more minutes of tickle fight.

People from many different backgrounds back us, some just because they could hear the weight of our mission in the kids’ giggles. I love teaming up with people like that.

Our supporters give, pray, encourage, and cheer. They eat less with us so we can feed more. They send us food so we can save our grocery money to pay for airline tickets. They have paid for us to go on a date, knowing we haven’t spent money on anything like that in months. 

The people I get to be surrounded by are so wonderful. They know they aren’t sending us on a vacation.  We go where we go to cry, bleed, see terrible things, pray, cry some more, spend all day on a hot roof, wrestle, tickle, laugh, dig, wade through poo water, push 6-passenger baby carts up mountains, invest in locals while learning from them, teach skills, build houses, rebuild broken dreams, smell horrible smells, and sweat and sweat and sweat and sweat. We aren’t even a little afraid to do it, either. It’s easy not to be hesitant when we have people cheering us on like our supporters do.

And on top of all of this, our supporters blow us away when they champion our story. Our supporters excitedly share with others what is happening in Honduras, RomaniaCaribbean, Gulf Coast, Appalachia, Midtown, and Cartersville Georgia. I’ve come to tears several times when someone who believes in what we’re doing eagerly asks me to come talk to their class, congregation, family dinner, staff meeting, or front porch. I simply can’t believe I get to be a part of the team who will post on Facebook just how much they love supporting us and, in doing so, inspire others to join thus multiplying their donation by 20.

I know backing a missionary can look and feel a lot like a business transaction. Folks start talking about tax-deductible receipts and I start nodding off. Yeah, it can look like that, but it’s not.

Being a partner with you is much more like a symphony. One musician can sound oh so beautiful on her own. One voice can sing out into the world and sound absolutely hauntingly wonderful. But when they’re joined together and even more voices and instruments and artists add to the song, the world stops, unable to ignore the sheer awesomeness. Joining with you literally leaves me in awe. And even though I already expect great things, doing what we’ve done together amazes me.

Thank you so much, team. You are incredible.

Getting to be a part of this loving family has been one of the most special things I could ever experience. Thank you for what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you’ll do next. You. Are. Awesome.


The job isn’t done, though. Here’s what is cooking right now. We are going to the Honduran orphanage for 15 days this winter. I don’t post exactly when because robbers.The cost for Jenny and me to go is $2,386 give or take a few airline fees. We’ll be doing some construction projects, maybe some cement digging and pouring, and, of course, spending some loving time with the niños. As of 11/23/2013 we have raised exactly $68 of the needed $2,386. 

  • If you want to give, whatever amount you feel is great! But if you want specifics:
  • to sponsor one full day for one of us is about $80
  • to sponsor one full day for each of us is about $160
  • every $4 we raise on top of the $2,386 for airline and stay will be used to take a kid out to the store for lunch. This is a huge deal to them.
  • every bonus dollar we raise beyond what we can spend on lunches and supplies for the kids will go toward the Fall 2014 trip.
  • The link below offers set up of monthly donations. If you can do any amount of recurring donations, this is HUGE toward planning out regular missions.

Donate Securely Through Paypal

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