Andros Smelled Weird. Everything Else Was Awesome.

Team Floyd in AndrosI remember Andros Island smelling a whole lot better when I went there in 2007. Less like several large starfish were rotting in the sun right in front of the open-air house, anyway. Probably because 2007 saw far fewer human-on-marinelife homicides.

We go to Andros to fix stuff like substandard housing. This time around it was a roof.

We fix stuff like substandard housing and roofs as a means to build relationships. Why? Because real meaningful relationships are some of the few great treasures you can ever have. So it’s kind of selfish that we go, but that doesn’t really bother me because we get to help some people in the process.

If you’ve ever been on a short-term international mission trip, you know you don’t always get to spend all of your time with the same people. It’s kind of impossible, even: They have to go to work while you fix their houses, you have to go feed homeless when they come home, whatever.

This trip was different, though-The whole time we were working on this roof, the home owner’s grandsons were on the roof working right by our sides, then joined us as participants in the children’s program we did every afternoon. And the grandmother whose home it was cooked our dinner in our house every night.  That was some really great relationship treasure, right there.

Here’s a video of our time in Andros. The kid making funny faces with me is Sheldon, and he was my main bud.

Team Floyd in Andros Island from Chadwick Floyd on Vimeo.

Thank you to all our supporters who sent us. You put a new roof over a much-deserving family’s heads and gave us opportunity to develop relationships with many people, many of which led to great deep conversations and insights. The kids especially got to benefit from the advice and wisdom we could share only after living with them for a while. Thank you thank you thank you.

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