If You Have A 12-Sided Dice And Like Supporting Missions, This Post Is For You.

(Update: We’ve already gone on the trip described here. But we are returning very soon and fundraising is always necessary. Go to the Missions page for more current updates.)

Jenny and I are missionaries wherever we are. Right now we’re missionaries to the teens, their parents, and schools of Bartow County. Which, seriously you guys, is an absolutely incredible experience. If you live near Cartersville, I would go bananas to have you on my weekly team. Buh. Nah. NUHS.

And when we travel, we’re still the same kind of missionary. In 2012 we went to Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras and it was great! Thank you to all the team members who got us there. You can read more about it here and here. We’d love to get together with you sometime to tell you all about it. Seriously. Even if you’re only a little curious. Let’s make that happen.

In fact, 2012’s trip went so well that we are committed to returning again in 2013. This comes on top of the other ministry and aid trips to Andros Island and El Salvador that we already had planned.

Jenny is using all of her 2013 vacation time from work. I probably am too. I don’t know. I don’t know how much vacation I get. Probably less than Jenny. I’m sure I’ll have a meeting about it soon.

But anyway, we are using our vacation time to help others who live in extreme poverty, love on kids who have been abandoned or taken away from terrible situations, and a third thing that you like more than the first two. Will you join our team? I really think you’d be a great addition. Here you go- 12 ways to join:

  1. Donate to our garage sale. We’re selling a bunch of our stuff to help raise funds this time around. But we don’t have that much stuff. Can we have some of your stuff?
  2. Buy some stuff at our garage sale. We hope to have some really cool stuff! Stuff you’ll love. Stuff you need. Stuff you may have just donated to us.
  3. Bake. I’m thinking a full-on desert table at the garage sale. But I don’t bake.
  4. Come with us. Really. There are other seats on the bus. Or plane. Or boat. Or, I don’t know,  You’ll fit.
  5. Join our Student Ministry Team. There are sooooo many roles to fill to be a missionary in Bartow County. My favorite role is being the youth pastor. But there are others.
  6. Settle Catan. Gamers, save the date for a Settlers of Catan Tournament on Saturday, February 23rd. Details coming soon. On that note, do you have a game board we can borrow?
  7. Watch our dog. Mostly just give him food at the right times while we’re gone. Maybe throw a ball. Ask him how many squirrels he almost murdered. Don’t steal our stuff.
  8. Share our story. A friend of mine once multiplied her donation by 20 just by making one Facebook post with this link and the reason she supports us. Totally easy. You can do that too.
  9. Open a savings account. At Wells Fargo. Through Jenny. She gets a small commission, but you can also save a little bit of money each month and then donate it in May. Win/Win/Win!
  10. Pray. For us, for our teams, for the orphans, for the staff of Emmanuel, for the people of Andros Island and El Salvador, and for our pilots.
  11. Send us. I work in ministry. And yeah, Jenny works at a bank, but we pretend it’s a bigger deal than it actually is. So it’s hard for us to afford ministry. And a lot of other things. Do you work in not ministry? Your gifts of dollar bills could really help a lot on the financial side of missions.
  12. Right… 12. The dice thing in the title. I guess roll again.

I really believe that your participation on any of these levels is just as much of a participation in the mission and an obedient following of God’s call to take care of orphans, widows, and those in need. The expenses of 2013’s trips will be $7,250 with half due by May and the rest due by August 15th. If you would like to be a part of the team by assisting with these expenses click “make a donation” below or make a check out to Church at The Well and send it to the below address. (You can also send happy little encouraging notes to the same address). A tax-deductible receipt can be sent to you from the church if you leave the memo line blank. (Note: there is not currently a way to get a tax-deductible receipt for online payments.) Most importantly, though, pray for the team.

Thanks for being such a pal. I love you like crazy.

And I LOVE being a misssionary with you.



Or by mail:
175 Pine Grove Road Suite 110
Cartersville GA 30120


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