Uncategorizable Honduras Videos

I couldn’t put these in the music video. I couldn’t put these in the first “what I learned” post after returning.

These are the scraps. The trimmings. The outtakes. They are delicious, Uncategorizable, and intentionally miscellaneous. Enjoy.

Every night the 20-somethings had giggle time during which we ate far too much candy and decompressed after the emotional day. This outtake happened after the first full day. Note my sunburn.

RAWR. CHAD SMASH. Give me grace when you watch this next one. The biggest adjustment I have to make on mission trips is always (always) with my own team. I love the guys I with whom I was rooming. It was just a lot harder to love them on the first morning when we woke up two+ hours before anything was scheduled. 

…and by the way, I did adjust. On the last day I was one of the first to wake up to capture this sunrise: 

One of my main pals was Evan. He was really good at crying. And really cute when he wasn’t crying. 

Here’s a quick spanish lesson. From Bryan, not me. 

What’s next? Check out the missions page.

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