Enthusiasm: You’re Doing It Wrong.

I love my generation. I really get us. We make sense to me.

But, churches, man. It doesn’t look like you love us at all. I understand why it looks that way since most churches are run by older generations. There’s some sort of communicational, generational, chasm-type separation happening between us. So I decided to help us all out by listing some tips.

Five reasons my generation will not be visiting your church this Sunday:

  1. Nothing is “The Superbowl of Church.” 
    You know why? Because watching the actual Super Bowl is the Super Bowl for me. It is for everyone. Let Easter be Easter. Let Christmas be Christmas. Don’t disappoint me or cheapen the day by likening it to a commercialized adrenaline-filled sports event when that is not even close to what we will experience come Sunday morning.
  2. We know when you’re faking enthusiasm. 
    So, be honest with us about the meaning of Easter. Tweets, sermons, and ads are so much more meaningful and motivate us to action when we can tell you’re giving us a sincere statement about why you feel the way you do. There’s no need to approach the subject matter like you’re selling tickets to monster truck jam (I hear they’re “STILL JUST TEN DOLLARS!!”). Speaking of which-
  3. You’re abusing exclamation points.
    Both vocally and in print. I’m going risk complete scrutiny here but I’m pretty sure everyone reads exclamatory sentences in a hyper, overly-enthusiastic, faking-it, cheerleader voice. No? Just me? Maybe an Incredible Hulk voice, then. Be real with us. With your real voice. Unless you’re that cheerleader.
  4. We’re attracted to the whynot the what.
    I assume based on the way churches advertise that generations before mine only needed to know that a church service was available. So, churches spent tons of money to tell everyone that they are, in fact, still having meetings on Sunday morning. But my generation wants to know why you show up every Sunday morning. And don’t just give us Sunday School answers like “because Jesus died for me”- no, tell me what that means to you. Be vulnerable with us, you’ll see us be vulnerable right back.
  5. Even if nothing else is stopping us, we don’t know what to wear. 
    I know it may be petty, but it’s true. Most of us don’t have the need for a dozen suits or fancy dresses, so we don’t keep a stock of them in our closets. Does your church seem to have a top-notch attire policy? It’s time to adjust. Do most of your congregants dress pretty casually? You need to put that information out there so we know it’s ok to come dressed like we normally do.

Here’s the thing: I love Jesus. I love that Easter signifies how God fulfills promises. And I love the people my age around me. I think they should get to know that in a more meaningful way from people who are older than them. The harvest is ready, folks.  Get cracking.

Did I miss any? What would you add?


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  2. Here’s why my generation will not be coming to my church tomorrow: we didn’t let anyone know that we changed the time of worship… But that’s ok, because we really only want to have our family at our church anyway… everyone else can go somewhere else.

  3. Pro tip #1: When it comes to Monster Trucks, always root for Grave Digger. He is the best.

    Pro tip #2: Reading exclamation points in a “Zoo Books” style voice gives you the boost you need to get through.

    Pro tip #3: Adding in a Pokemon name to every post from now will only increase the number of views.

  4. Where to start, where to start? There is a saying that when you are pointing a finger, there are 3 pointing back at you. I have to ask myself, why all the negativity towards churches? Why the negativity towards the people in them and the way they dress? Maybe the question one should ask first is” What do I bring to Church?’ ” If there is something I don’t like about Church, what can I do to alleviate it?” Many people come to church expecting to be entertained, they don’t come to participate. The Church is the Body of Christ, not a building. God gave us our faith to share in community… church is the way He wants us to worship, not jsut alone. The youthful enthusiasm you have in your heart is meant to be shared. Perhaps it could energise those old fogies. Your questions could breathe life into your church. I think if any day deserves exclamation points and alleluias, it is Easter. One point on dress. I think it is a shame that people have become so casual in their dress. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or wear a 3 piece suit to church; but dressing modestly and with care is only fitting when you come to worship. Whatever clothing worn should be clean and pressed or made to look as nice as possible. If a person was going to see the Queen or the President, there would be a dress code , and rightly so. Should we not take care when dressing to worship our Lord and Savior? Perhaps the people in those suits were dressing for Him and not for you. The harvest is ready and the workers are few….. maybe it is time for all of us to pick up our tools…

    • Lynn-

      I think you may be confused about my sentiment. I am heavily involved in church culture. I have been involved with congregations at a leadership capacity for quite a while (for my age).

      Listen- none of this is meant as negativity toward churches. I wrote that these were tips for reaching my generation. And you know what they are? Tips for reaching my generation. Nothing more, nothing less.
      I promise :)

      As far as dress for church is concerned, I think you should re-read what I wrote. When I read the New Testament I see that Jesus was homeless and hanging with other homeless people while the traditions and showiness of the pharisees did nothing but draw attention to the darkness of their own hearts. My generation does not have the formal attire that yours does. You know how many pairs of jeans I have? One. And I wear them every day. Why? Because I would rather spend my money on advancing God’s kingdom through missions and feeding poor folks by buying them a goat or a paying for a well to be dug in a village that does not have access to clean water. I wouldn’t feel bad if the President or my homeless king saw me that way. Not even a little.

      Thanks for your response, Lynn. I appreciate it.

      Please don’t be so quick to defend a culture that keeps my generation from hearing about Jesus.

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