Top Seven of 2011

2011 was pretty special. I put some thoughts and feelings on a screen, and you all read them. Some of you even liked it.


Thanks for reading, guys. Let’s pretend rhyming is cool and revisit the top seven posts of the last year.

7.) Judgement. I know I’m not supposed to judge, but there’s this one guy…

6.) The “Get Saved Quick” Scheme. Of all the things I’ve ever written out of pure frustration, this one is up there with notes to my freshman roommate to stop stealing my cookies and ramen noodles.

5.) Ok. That Smell Was Me. I know. I’m surprised it wasn’t number two as well.

4.) I’m Smart But I Do Stupid Things. Like carry a picture of my girlfriend around and talk to  it like she’s actually there while in the company of friends, for example.

3.) Get Me Right. I made out a lot my freshman year. But, I’ll be real: I was dealing with the stress of my roommate constantly stealing my cookies and ramen noodles.

2.) Please No One Read My Opinion On Rob Bell. Seriously, don’t. We might not be friends anymore.

1.) HATE.  Church hated me. I hated back.

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