Spitting In The Harvest

I was at a University of Georgia football game with a big fat fist inches from my face. It belonged to a drunk muscle-y frat boy and it was itching to go through my head. He thought I had spit on him.

I’m pretty sure I hadn’t.

Like, really sure. When the spit allegedly landed on him I was three rows below and walking away from him. But that didn’t matter to Captain 10-Beers-Before-10AM. I was going to have a substantial dent put in my skull.

It was a dire, desperate moment for me. And I will never stop being amazed at what resolved the issue.

A friend of mine ran up the bleachers and simply repeated “Hey man, Go Dawgs- Go Dawgs, man. Go Dawgs. Go Dawgs.” My friend had only reminded Hulk that we were all there for the same reason and Mr. Angry Eyes was soon high fiving and hugging both of us.


All it took was reminding everyone that we are all on the same team.

I gotta be honest, I really wish I could do that with a lot of young Christians in my life. Look, I’m sorry you feel like I’ve somehow spit on one of the minor details of how you process your theology, but can we pause and remember that we are huge fans of the same thing?

I’ve been telling myself that I haven’t been writing because I’ve been too busy. But that’s a lie. I’ve been reluctant because when I offer up my opinion, I tend to attract fundamentalists who disagree with me. Really I guess it’s not me so much as… well, let me give you an example:

I could write about a book I enjoyed or even a certain verse I got a lot out of. I would pour my heart out about what I’m learning, sharing my thoughts with believers, seekers, and non-christians alike. Usually, for someone, this merits a response that looks a lot like this: “I would be careful following (this author or this train of thought) because it might lead to you becoming the anti-Christ.”

Or at least that’s the sentiment.

For a while I was eager to battle this particular brand of opposition. I loved telling folks who called themselves Christians how wrong they were. But then I had a shocking realization- I was being a hypocrite. I was arguing with “Christians” for arguing with me for not being Christian enough. Crap.

That same week I read in Ephesians that believers should make every effort to maintain peace with each other. This idea seemed like an unscalable wall to overcome. But I couldn’t just tell God “No.” I had to try. The following day I had lunch with a friend of mine with whom I’ve had a lot of doctrinal disagreements. We made peace. Honestly it was a lot easier than I thought. I just had to remind both of us that we were on the same team.

Look, I’m a raving fan of sharing the gospel. I’m absolutely nuts about bringing in the harvest.

We are all going to pick the wheat up a little differently, and I suppose that’s ok.

Go you.

Go me.

Go Jesus.


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  2. Oh my gosh. Are you serious? I am currently editing a post to go up on my blog tomorrow about almost the exact same thing. Except you have a much better real-life example to segue into your faith story, which I admire. :) Now I feel like I shouldn’t post mine because it will seem as though I stole your idea, but, thanks to this comment at least I’ve cleared the air.

    Also how do you like wordpress? I’m about to switch to it because Tumblr is the worst for writing purposes and I bought a domain name so i thought I’d finally switch while I was at it.

    • A) Dude. Go for it. I own this idea exclusively and give you permission to rent it.
      B) I like wordpress. If you’re going to be super serious about it, I recommend going for a wordpress.org over a wordpress.com- it gives you much more editing and formatting powers.

  3. You might add- when you can’t even agree with each other, non believers certainly are much less likely to come around, and I happen to know you all don’t want that. I had to excuse myself from kyrie’s room when mom was laughing about two bibles of the same version having people being punished/w hemroids in one copy, and I think tumors in the others. I left the room because, one, masses of people with hemroids makes me laugh, and also because I didn’t want to say something smart a** that could hurt mom’s feelings. When Christians argue about their faith, all I see is weak and illogical. Florida fans see thousands of Georgia fans pummel each other and laugh. “glad I’m not a GA fan. Crazy jerks” And pause for a moment of somber incredulity.

    • Lee …
      1) Masses of people with hemorrhoids make me laugh too. That’s why I brought it up in the first place. I thought I was sharing something funny.
      2) Arguing? Who was arguing?
      3) I was confused as to why two different Bibles of the *same* translation were not the *same*. That has nothing to do with Christianity or my faith. I wondered the same thing about a book we were reading in class last week too – some students had the same book, just a different printing of it – some of the words were different.
      4) I’d rather it be out of respect for me than for fear of hurting my feelings, but I’ll take it.

      • I have only smartass things about the bible not agreeing with itself. ( it IS funny, but I wasn’t sure of your intention )

  4. I’d be careful about listening to your own opinions and thoughts, it might lead to diabetes.

    But really. Good insight. And as Jared would quote Star Fox: “We’re on the same team!”

  5. I’m glad you had this encounter and I’m glad God revealed that verse to you! We’ll never stop learning and growing and we should praise God that we don’t stop because then we’d be arrogant and full of ourselves for how smart we were. It’s a never ending walk of love to choose to love with all we do. God reminds me of this quite often because I’m not very good at it. I see so many “Christians” not doing what the bible calls us to do; but I have to remind myself He is working on each of us in different ways and different paces. I’m not saying never talk to them about things the Lord is leading you to say or do, but I have to remember to love and have grace. Actions always speak louder than words and we have to be okay with the results taking longer than we thought because maybe, just maybe God wants us to spend more time with the people that are the most challenging because it’s not only growing them, but us as well. Count it as joy my brother! Count it as joy.

    Love ya bro!!

    • Jonrenzachu-

      Right on, man. I was really struggling with the difference between not giving Christians the same grace I was giving to non-christians and allowing actual believers to continue down a bad path. It’s a razor’s edge, and it takes a lot of accountability, prayer, discernment, and most of all, conversations. Too often all of that begins to feel way too-much-work-y.

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