Love Capacity

I listened. My wife Jenny was telling me about her experience teaching children’s Sunday School.

“This week I let the kids hold my hand. It was crazy- I didn’t realize how much they love holding my hand. They just, they LOVE holding my hand and climbing on me.”

I was silent. She was trying not to cry.

“…and then I thought about kids who don’t have parents to hold their hands, and it made me sad.”

We sat in the heaviness that comes with the awareness of how alone other people are, letting the idea of how much more we need to do wash over us.

I know how hard it is to serve, volunteer for, & sweat out some of the dirtier jobs in life. Over the last few years I’ve learned that faithfully serving others isn’t work; it’s joy. When I work with other people, when I allow myself to get my hands dirty and let my nose experience horrifying odors, then I am nearer to those who might go unnoticed. And then we get to love on each other. God put us together. We are a physical representation of how nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

Serving without faith is a job. A task. I’m guilty of doing that and it sucks.

I could say a lot about faithfully serving, and I probably will in future posts. But for today I’ll leave you with this:

Faithfully serving expands your capacity to love.

I can’t guarantee that Jenny wouldn’t have been thinking of the orphaned if she hadn’t been teaching baby Sunday school class. But I am pretty sure serving there greatly affected how she thought about less fortunate children. She was obedient to what she felt God wanted her to do and serving expanded her capacity to love.

Thoughts? Experiences? How would you explain the difference between joyfully serving someone in nasty conditions over serving someone as a task?


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  3. This is so awesome. Jenny touched those children, yet they clearly touched her as well. You set out to be a blessing and ended up being blessed yourself.

    That’s how it works. That’s walking in love.

    I am drawn to the rejected and outcasts in my classroom. And I mean the ones that society generally doesn’t want around. The ones that clearly could use some love in their lives. I don’t experience the unpleasant odors that you may experience – not often, anyway – but I frequently have to overcome fear (some of these kids are downright scary!), And I always risk looking like a fool. But there’s just something about them that calls out to me. I want them to know that I care and that I am totally and genuinely interested in them and what makes them tick. Sometimes I know I’m getting through to them, and sometimes I spend the whole year trying and wondering.

    Tonight was open house at school. It was such a blessing to ME to have some of these students come by my room just to say hi and give me a hug. To know that they “got it” enough to come see me when they didn’t have to … I can’t describe the feeling.

    God gives us our talents and puts desires in our hearts. If we make ourselves available to Him and obediently use our talents and desires where He calls us … oh, the lives we touch and the blessings we reap! “Ain’t nothing like it!”

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