Romania, Part III (Final)

The only picture I was able to sneak.

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What is posted here is a sort of potpourri of journal entries. I could easily have left them out but I think they do a lot to paint the scene.

So here are my last journal entries from my trip to Romania; entries I wrote during the ride home or as I fell asleep afraid I would forget these smaller moments.  The kids’ names have been changed.

When Nicu was playing the song he wrote, he introduced it to me by saying, “This was when I had no friends.” The song:

Love You Jesus
Love you my God
Friends forever
Best friend I have

One of the 11-year-old boys was so excited to go to the zoo today. He put on his nicest dress pants, a long-sleeve collared shirt, and a sort-of clip-on tie that loosely hung around his neck by a kite string. LOVE.

Francisco told Pilu today that I was his best friend.

We all watched Camel sex today.

I have about 32 mosquito bites on my left hand. Eight on my face. (We were sleeping in the same building as the orphans. The mosquitos dined during our slumber.)

Matt and I traded seats with two very old Romanian women for the flight here. When we landed I saw them waiting at the bottom of the escalator. Then we watched in horror as the mother got on and slowly fell backward, crushing her head against the jagged escalator stairs. As I turned to see if Matt also saw it, we heard the other lady franticly scream for help. The stairs were still moving, and she was beginning to tumble.

Without hesitation, Matt ran down to pick her up as I scrambled to hit the emergency shut-off button.

She was bleeding. A lot.

The paramedics took care of her- but I don’t know if she is completely OK now. I hope so. At first I was glad that I came to Romania if for no other reason than to stop that escalator so she would not keep being thrown around. And I’m still glad for that, but now I have many more reasons to be happy I came.

My favorite time here was in Soard with the five nine-year-old boys who just wanted to play and have attention. They immediately wanted to hold my hand and play.

I was in the biggest tickle fight EVER tonight. About ten kids attacking me for an hour straight. Insanely happy.

Andreea told members of our team that a Canadian missionary had told her a while back that if she finished high school the Canadian would help her out with college. A year ago Hadassa (one of the local adult missionaries) helped Andreea email the Canadian.

There was no response.

I went to Romania in August of 2009. The Romanian government had just changed the rules on international adoption because of the harsh realities of human sex trafficking. International adoption in Romania is now closed unless you gain residency by living there for five years. If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to be a part of a next step in this story, join Shaun King in his fight against the human sex trade.

Click here to see the start of this story.

Click here for part two.


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  3. So … I guess my hope that you and Jenny would adopt at least one of these children is pointless? What a shame! So their only hope of being adopted is other Romanians?

    I think it must have been a very sad day for *everyone* when you and your team left. How long were you there?

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