Please No One Read My Opinion on Rob Bell

Sigh… I have opinions. They are probably different from yours. I don’t have the energy to write a long article pinpointing my exact feelings on the whole fiasco. Besides, other folks already have.

Goodness gracious, people. Most of you have not read the book yet. You are going off soundbites and what you may have heard from someone else’s assumptions. Rob Bell may just be a universalist. He may just be a heretic- but I don’t know yet because I have not read the book.

I think a lot of folks are forgetting that most of us are not Roman Catholic at this point. So all of us are heretics in someone else’s eyes. All of us wrestle with what it means to believe and follow in different ways- that doesn’t make us demons.

If someone is so upset about this book, about this Christian leader, I can understand you going after him. After all, I am more or less doing the same thing right here with this post. But it breaks my heart that this is where you make your stand- On one man’s opinion.

There are people dying in Japan. There are people starving all over. There are religious leaders molesting children. In fact, the ones who take up their cross to fight that are getting death threats. There are people killing other people because they are gay, differently colored, or differently faithed.  There is homelessness everywhere. Isn’t there a better place to take your stand?

:::Edited 4/12/2011 at 12:30PM: I thought it would be appropriate to add this:


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  2. Chad, thank you for posting this. I for one do not keep up with Rob Bell due to the things he discusses and his theology. I do not hate Rob Bell but will disagree with his point of views or the sins he promotes. I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will convict his heart and he will change. However, there are further crimes that happen every day in churches around the world but also in the world. As true believers, we are to be living examples of Christ and strive to be more like Him everyday. We are not to accept sin and hide from it, rather confront sin and use God’s word to shine in the darkness. However, has fallen beings, we do not like light and therefore when confronted with that, our first reaction is to take as offense to ourselves. Rather it is to the sin that we tend to associate with and identify with. I say I do not agree with Rob Bell because he does talk contrary to the Bible and I believe it is in Timothy where Paul states that if anyone speaks contrary to the what was taught by Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit/God then let me be accursed (forgive the cliff note version). Revelation even mentions to the same effect at the end of the book. To make this long story short, I believe we all need to use discernment with anything we read or hear to ensure it lines up with scripture

  3. Chad. Thank you for your thoughts. (And opinions and questions and struggles.) I’m boring… so I’m agreeing with you. We do need to look and not demonize a single person, (if anyone, actually) when there are plenty of other places we should be placing our energy.

  4. My faith and purpose are not established upon the attack and opposition of heretics like Rob Bell – there, I said it: heretic (and I don’t use that word lightly, nor often). My faith and purpose are in the gospel of Christ. That is what I am for, what is of “first importance” (1 Cor. 15:3). Are there belligerent gossips within the visible church? Yes. Was Bell’s interview fair? No. Are some people on constant witch hunts? Sure. Have I read this book of Bell’s yet? No.

    But none of this dismisses that an influential writer and mega-church pastor has begun to formally teach a form of universalism that undermine’s the need for people to repent and believe in Jesus before they die. Yes, there are people suffering in the world and we are commanded to do something about that. But even more important is the metaphor all of this suffering (caused by the fall) alludes to: an eternal torment. That is primarily what Jesus’s love saves us from – God’s just, eternal wrath. The main issue is not that people sin against people, but that they sin against a holy God.

    I don’t have to meet the guy and know his life-story before I make a judgment of him. What Bell says in his promos and interviews, the plethora of reviews and quotes from his book, and the people who endorse his book are amply sufficient to fairly call the spade a “spade”. The heavy tone of some bloggers is called for when we consider the gravitas of the matter. Paul seemed to have a much harsher language for those who tampered with the gospel in the church of Galatia, wishing the false teachers would chop their penises off (Galatians 5:12). In our culture, Paul would be “judgmental”.

    • Bryan,

      Thank you for your input. Very fair, wise, and thought out, for sure. I just want to make sure, again, that we realize that we still have not read this book. I understand that if the accusations are true then that necessarily dictates that he is false, but I have yet to read it.

      As for those who are giddy over Rob Bell receiving negative feedback for having different views under the guise of correct theology, I wish they would just go the whole way and kill the rest of us who disagree with them.

      And just to note, and thanks for pointing it out, Yes, one does need to repent from his or her destructive past and believe in Jesus.

      • And Bryan,

        This has been eating at me since- Yes, Paul would have been considered judgmental, but let’s be honest: So were the members of the freaking circumcision party. To use Paul as an example here is weak, at least that particular Biblical interaction.

        And again, I still really appreciate your input. Just had to call a spade a spade. wink!

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