I’m Smart… But I Do Stupid Things.

My dad used to be an optometrist. I would visit him at work as he made glasses for folks. While I was there, he would even make me do the math to figure out measurements for frames and lenses- showing me the value of an education. Smart.

About six years ago, I started getting headaches every day. I concluded that the headaches were due to the stress of my job, and the more I hated my job, the worse my headaches would be. Makes sense, right?

Last week, after a friend and co-worker of mine made fun of me for reading online articles from five feet away, I was persuaded to get an eye exam.

I was prescribed reading glasses. I no longer get headaches.  For six years, I should have known better. Stupid.

I do a lot dumber things all the time. Embarrassing things. Shameful things. Things that I have trouble confessing to my closest friends. I know how smart I like to think I am and how I like to advertise that image to everyone else (glasses help by the way), but really I know exactly how stupid I can be.

This is why I’m so glad Jesus called Peter to be his disciple. The guy really just didn’t get it a lot of the time. I hate the phrase “Diarrhea of the mouth” because “diarrhea” and “mouth” should not be together. “Throw up of the mouth,” while describing an activity one has little to no control over, makes things even more unclear. So I  guess that’s what Peter has sometimes: Mouth diarrhea. He can’t help saying dumb things without a filter.

So because Peter was still so very loved by Jesus I am encouraged. I will do spectacularly stupid and shameful things, but I am forgiven and loved.

What are some stupid things you’ve done when it is clear you should have known better?


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  2. Chad. I worked at a chili restaurant in Cincinnati. We had a steam table. On said table was a huge pot of pinto beans. When the water in the pot o beans would fall below bean level (CODE BEAN), we would take a pot of boiling water (found on top of the coffee machine) and fill the pot back up. Well one day I poured in an entire pot of coffee because I wasn’t paying any attention. Yeah, telling that feels good.

  3. Dear Chad 1) I am glad you have a blog 2) I once had an awesome pair of glasses that I left at a movie theater on accident for 30minutes. When I found them some kids had crushed them to pieces. sheesh

  4. Um…. this was like 6 years ago… but one time I left my keys in the ignition and locked myself out of my car. All day. I worked a 9 hour shift, tried to leave and realized I didn’t have my keys. And then… oh gosh. I walked to the door to see if I locked them in the car, and then I heard the sound of my engine running. The car was on. So yea, I left my car running in the parking lot of my office for 9 hours. (Top that, world!)

  5. So … you LOVE your job now? :)

    I can’t imagine you doing ANYTHING stupid.

    I once responded to a department email that was nothing but pure murmuring, mumbling, and complaining. That was stupid enough, but NOoooo … I decided to copy my boss on it as well. The ONE time I join in … SHEESH!

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