Love the World

Recent news from Egypt, specifically one photo by Nevine Zaki, shook loose a memory of an old journal entry. Take a look:

Journal Entry January 21, 2009


I was reading about the underdevelopment of Africa and I started to dream of wars ending because Christians loved. I imagined missiles being shot, tanks rolling, bombs falling, BUT Christians laying their lives down. Like hot coals on thin ice they hold hands and love, (melting away hardened hearts fully knowing the risks their actions’ carry).

I imagined a nation being a watchdog not with weapons or military strength, but with mourning and love.

They would not ship warriors overseas, but people heartbroken for this world- People willing to die so that others might see love.

What if a nation cared so much for the world that it would sacrifice its lovers, its poets, its mourners…

What if we could witness so many of our peacemakers dying and still cry out to God that we want the world to have Him?

What if we could send lovers over and over and over again?

Would they know we are Christians by our love?

Christians holding hands to protect Muslims in prayer during protests in Egypt. Photo Credit: Nevine Zaki.


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